Ripehouse Acquisitions provides a full service buyers agent service

Our service delivery is considered best practice, having been adopted by 70+ partnered buyers agents over the past five years.

By levering technology and our extensive experience we can offer stunning value for money and dramatically reduce the time it takes for you to purchase.

Three weeks is the average time it takes Ripehouse Acquisitions to pinpoint an outstanding High Performance property perfectly matched to your wealth creation goals.
Our Process

Fair and Transparent

The simple truth is that the majority of investors are not willing or able to pay $15K + to engage a professional to purchase their next investment property.

And, if they do, they are taking a large chunk of their deposit to pay the BA. Money that could be used to purchase the BEST property investment possible.

We feel there is a disconnect. BA’s are there to help, but their exorbitant fees are fighting against the success of their own client.


Having worked with thousands of investors over the past decade we understand the benefit a professional buyer brings to the table.

Our mission at Ripehouse Acquisitions is to make this service accessible and help more ‘mum and dad’ investors in the process.

Good enough for 70+ buyers agents

When selecting your property investment team, it is difficult to know who to trust.

There are so many ‘experts’ out there, making claims about their experience and research capabilities, it can become overwhelming.

We like to consider ourselves The buyers agent’s, Buyers Agent.

Over 70+ buyers agent companies entrust us to conduct their research, reporting and national asset selection.

By working with us directly, you can rest assured that your wealth creation journey is in safe hands.

"Thank you for assisting us to purchase our property in Claremont - we are thankful we moved when we did as it has performed very well."
Santosh N.


Complete the Ripehouse scientific "Robo" assessment to provide a clear picture of your wealth creation strategy.

It only takes three minutes, and based on your results we will send you a detailed report designed to help identify where you should be investing, which strategy will work for you, and why.