About Ripehouse Acquisitions

The evolution of Ripehouse Acquisitions - a buyers agent 2.0

In operation since 2011, Ripehouse has always focused on location, value and how to reliably target suburbs and properties set to deliver High Performance looking forward.

With a nationwide perspective, Ripehouse uses technology to do the heavy lifting, scouring the corners of the country to find High Performance properties.

While Ripehouse was initially a tool used by DIY investors, the majority failed to act on the research in a timely manner and were clouded by emotion, which can often be the case when purchasing a property.

The natural evolution of the software came to fruition in 2015 in the formation of Ripehouse Advisory; a buyers agency for buyers agents. 

Over the past 5 years, 70 + buyers agents have delegated their research and actual property selection to Ripehouse Advisory.

Ripehouse Acquisitions is a buyers agency 2.0. We combine cutting-edge research with the human touch of a Ripehouse professional buyer and we are able to deliver outstanding client wealth outcomes.
"Thanks Jacob for [your] support [with] a recent property purchase decision – made It an objective decision based on good information."
Mary P.

Not your regular group of property professionals

With extensive research and investment experience, the Ripehouse Acquisitions team delivers a premium buying service, at a fraction of the cost of a regular BA.
Tim Lewinski,
Senior Client Advisor
Qualified Property Investment Advisor - Property Investment Professionals of Australia
Bachelor of Business Management - University of Tasmania

Tim Lewinski began investing in property in 2014 at the age of 21 and has since successfully built a portfolio of 15+ properties using a variety of investment strategies. Tim is truly passionate about the power of property as an asset class having experienced first hand the wealth that it can create. As Senior Client Advisor at Ripehouse Advisory, Tim manages the daily workflow of the business, conducting due diligence and analysis on selected properties and communicating this with approved partners.

Anna Cooper,
Chief Communications Officer
Bachelor of Arts (BA) - University of Sydney

Anna Cooper is the Editor and CCO of Ripehouse. After more than a decade of experience in property research, communications and personal investment, and three years holding the position of Managing Editor at Australian Property Investor Magazine, Anna is passionate about delivering quality content to her readership.

Will Farrell,
Head of Research
Bachelors of Economics & Arts (BA. BE.c) - The University of Queensland
Graduate Certificate in Computing - UNSW

Originally from Byron Bay, Will Farrell completed a dual degree in Economics and International Relations at the University of Queensland in 2013. Since then he has worked as an analyst in Business Banking at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and in Credit Risk at MyState Bank.
Will is passionate about data, programming and modelling, and enjoys applying these interests to the real estate market.

Jacob Field,
Group CEO
Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM) - University of Tasmania

Jacob Field has been investing in property since the early 2000s and founded Ripehouse in 2011. Since then, Jacob has helped thousands of investors buy their first or their fortieth property. Jacob is one of Australia’s foremost property researchers and experts. He has regularly featured in API Magazine, SMH, Money Magazine, Herald Sun and the Daily Telegraph.

Chris Lin,
Property Analyst
Master of Professional Accounting and Finance (MPAF. Master.) - Deakin University

Having completed a master's degree in Accounting and International Finance at Deakin University, Chris Lin commenced his career in property at LJ Hooker as both a real estate and buyers agent. At Ripehouse Advisory, Chris's primary focus is conducting due diligence and analysis at a suburb and property level. Chris has a passion for numbers and negotiation, and in his downtime works as a croupier at Wrest Point Casino

Pablo Sazo,
Licenciado en Diseño - Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile

Chilean by birth, Australian by choice. He's a Graphic Designer with 17 years’ experience creating attractive products for a diverse range of clients.


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